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Testing of new energy materials

Photovoltaic raw materials include photovoltaic cells, junction boxes, connectors, glass, backplanes, EVA/POE, silica gel, potting glue, aluminum frames, welding tape, etc. The quality of these basic materials directly determines the quality of the photovoltaic modules. Huayang Testing provides customers with a full range of photovoltaic raw material testing services based on IEC, UL, GB, ISO, ASTM and other standards.

Inspection items of photovoltaic parts:
◆IEC TS 62788-2:2017《Measurement procedures for materials used in photovoltaic modules - Part 2: Polymeric materials - Frontsheets and backsheets》
◆GB/T 10003-2008《Biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film for general use》
◆GB/T 6673-2001《Determination of length and width of plastics film and sheeting》
◆GB/T 6343-2009《Cellular plastics and rubbers-Determination of apparent density》
◆GB/T 2411-2008《Plastics and ebonite – Determination of indentation hardness by means of a durometer (shore hardness)》
◆GB/T 1034-2008《Plastics-Determination of water absorption》
◆GB/T 2410-2008《Determination of the luminous transmittance and haze of transparent plastics》
◆GB/T 18474-2001《Pipes and fittings made of crosslinked polyethylene(PE-X)--Estimation of the degree of crosslinkingby determination of the gel content》
◆GB/T 2790-1995《Adhesives,180° peel strength test method for a flexible-bonded-to-rigid test specimen assembly》
◆GB/T 1040.3-2006《Plastics - Determination of tensile properties - Part 3: Test conditions for films and sheets》
◆GB/T 1410-2006《Methods of test for volume resistivity and surface resistivity of solid electrical insulating materials》
◆GB/T 1408.1-2016《Insulating materials—Test methods for electric strength—Part 1: Test at power frequencies》
◆GB/T 12027-2004《Plastics--Film and sheeting--Determination of dimensional change on heating》
◆GB/T 29848-2018《Ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA) film for PV module》
◆JC/T 2001-2009《Glass for solar cell module》
◆JC/T 2170-2013《Anti-reflective coated glass for photovoltaic modules》
◆GB/T 29595-2013《Sealant material in terrestrial photovoltaic (PV) modules - Silicone sealant》
◆GB/T 4340.1-2009《Metallic materials - Vickers hardness test - Part 1: Test method》
◆GB/T 351-2019《Metallic materials--Resistivity measurement method》
◆GB 5237.1-2008《Aluminium alloy extruded profiles for architecture Part 1: Mill finish profiles》
◆GB 5237.3-2008《Wrought aluminium alloy extruded profiles for architecture – Part 3: Electrophoretic coating profiles》
◆IEC 62852:2014《Connectors for DC-application in photovoltaic systems - Safety requirements and tests》
◆IEC 62790:2014《Junction boxes for photovoltaic modules - Safety requirements and tests》
◆EN 50521:2008《Connectors for photovoltaic systems – Safety requirements and tests》
◆EN 50548:2013《Junction boxes for photovoltaic modules》
◆UL 3730:2017《Photovoltaic Junction Boxes》
◆UL 6703:2017《Connectors for Use in Photovoltaic Systems》
◆IEC 62979:2017《Photovoltaic modules - Bypass diode - Thermal runaway test》

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