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Power battery test

The performance of the power battery directly determines whether the end user is satisfied, and the safety performance, reliable performance and cycle life of the battery are increasingly demanded. Therefore, comprehensive testing and evaluation of the power battery's ability to provide safe and reliable batteries is particularly important in the practical application of new energy vehicles and consumer electronics. As a CNAS accredited laboratory, Huayang Testing focuses on the testing and analysis of battery products and provides customers with a full range of services based on IEC, UL, GB and other standards.

◆IEC 62619:2017《Secondary cells and batteries containing alkaline or other non-acid electrolytes - Safety requirements for secondary lithium cells and batteries, for use in industrial applications》
◆UL 2580-2016《Batteries for Use In Electric Vehicles》
◆GB/T 31485-2015《Safety requirements and test methods for traction battery of electric vehicle》
◆GB/T 31486-2015《Electrical performance requirements and test methods for traction battery of electric vehicle》

Battery test items
◆ Performance test
◆ Environmental test and reliability test
◆ Cycle life test
◆ Safety test

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