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In the current severe situation of the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, in accordance with the relevant requirements and regulations of governments at all levels, Huayang Testing immediately activated an internal response mechanism and established an epidemic prevention and control working group, through material reserves, overall scheduling, and strict prevention and control We will do our best to prevent and control the epidemic and build a solid line of defense against the epidemic. With the vigorous development of various epidemic prevention and control work, and in accordance with relevant national regulations, Huayang Testing has carried out various resumption of work in a steady and orderly manner.

1. Establish an epidemic prevention and control working group

On January 31, under the command of General Manager Xie Xiaotuo, the heads of the laboratory department, power station inspection department, equipment supervision department, human resources department, comprehensive office department, security department and other departments of Huayang Testing Organization formed the new coronavirus The prevention and control working group also formulated detailed prevention and control measures and reporting channels for suspected cases. That night, the team members discussed and formulated a detailed implementation plan.

Various departments perform their responsibilities and cooperate with each other, respond quickly and flexibly, so that the epidemic prevention and control network can operate efficiently.

2. Develop the company's epidemic prevention and control management system

In order to make every effort to do a good job in the safety of resumption of work during the prevention and control of pneumonia caused by new coronavirus infection, minimize the risk of cross infection, and maintain the health and life safety of employees, in accordance with the \"Changzhou New Coronavirus Infection Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Emergency Command Ministry of Public Health (Chang Pneumonia Prevention and Control Guide (2020) No. 24) and Wujin District New Coronavirus Infected Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Emergency Command No. [12) document requirements, combined with the actual situation of the enterprise, specially formulated the following prevention and control management for resumption of work system:

1. Insist on measuring the body temperature of the employees on duty every day, and make a daily report and summary of the health status.

2. In a crowded environment, all employees must use protective equipment and replace them regularly, and do not reuse disposable protective equipment.

3. Keep washing hands frequently, drink plenty of water, and insist on washing hands strictly in accordance with the six-step method before eating and after going to the toilet.

4. Insist on disinfecting corporate public places, facilities, equipment, shuttle buses, etc. before and after get off work every day (the key areas with concentrated personnel should be disinfected multiple times), strengthen indoor ventilation, and do not use central air conditioning.

5. Every day, public areas such as halls, corridors, meeting rooms, elevators, stairs, and toilets must be eliminated. The cleaning appliances used in each area must be separated to avoid mixed use and no sanitary corners should be left.

6. Ensure that the staff dining place is disinfected every day, and the meal should be changed to a time-sharing meal system as much as possible, and no centralized meal or various staff gathering activities are held.

7. During the epidemic prevention period, perform hand hygiene before and after removing the masks, put the discarded masks in the mask recycling bin, and disinfect the discarded protective equipment.

8. Implement the company's responsibility for production safety, take early, careful, and solid work to resume work after the holiday, resolutely prevent production safety accidents, and must not lax thoughts and illegal production.

9. Report the situation to the local government and the community (village) at any time. If there is any abnormal situation, report it to the disposal as soon as possible without delay or concealment.

3. Seriously implement the details of prevention and control management

1. Actively carry out internal investigations and follow up the health status of employees every day.

Each department actively responded to the prevention and control work group arrangements, and tracked and tracked the health status and travel schedule of employees in the department every day, so that the physical status and travel information of each employee were clear at a glance.

The prevention and control working group summarizes and analyzes the response to the epidemic situation in various places and the temperature detection of employees, and controls the overall situation so that the response measures can be implemented quickly.

2. Fully arrange the company's disinfection, ventilation and equipment inspection work

Beginning on January 31, the company’s prevention and control working group required the on-duty team to take turns to carry out on-duty epidemic prevention work such as sanitation, disinfection and ventilation more frequently than ever before on all office premises and inspection sites.

The special work project team led by the laboratory manager Chen Xuan has been working continuously since January 31, testing emergency projects for customers and issuing test reports, and is also responsible for regular inspection of equipment operation.


Huayang Testing Laboratory

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Huayang inspects equipment operation status

3. Resuming work steadily and orderly

On February 10, Huayang Inspection Departments resumed work in an orderly manner.

On the day of the resumption of work, the administrative department guided the employees to line up to measure their body temperature in an orderly manner, and the company's executives directed and guided on-site in their respective areas; the door guards added infrared body temperature imaging equipment and hand-held body temperature guns to ensure safe and efficient entry of employees. Arrange two temperature measurements every day, take the first temperature measurement before entering the workplace, and take the second temperature measurement around 2 o'clock in the afternoon, and all the measurement results will be registered and saved.

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Orderly temperature measurement of Huayang employees

Employees in dining places are seated separately in a single row; masks are purchased in batches and distributed to employees every day; in order to prevent employees from taking off masks and checking attendance frequently, the earliest and latest access control records of employees are used as the basis for attendance... Detailed management. On the first day of the resumption of work, the employees of the company quickly entered the working state. All employees expressed their confidence in the safety of the working environment and full confidence in the development of the company.

4. Supervise the implementation of the prevention and control management system

In order to further strengthen the prevention and control of the epidemic and implement the implementation of various prevention and control work after returning to work, the company's prevention and control team supervised on-site to promote prevention and control management in various forms:

(1) Carry out epidemic prevention and control knowledge propaganda through various forms, hanging banners, posters, etc.;

(2) Thematic knowledge propaganda on infectious disease prevention and control;

(3) Establish an epidemic information WeChat group to carry out joint epidemic prevention and control;

(4) Do a good job in daily laboratory and personnel prevention and control inspections, disinfection work and file retention, etc.;

(5) Responsible for the management of outsourcing personnel and external personnel;

(6) Responsible for the procurement of prevention and control materials;

(7) Responsible for arranging and implementing other prevention and control and emergency measures of the company.

The epidemic is ruthless, and people are compassionate, and prevention and control is the first priority. All employees of Huayang Testing firmly believe that through investigation, early detection and early prevention, we will surely win the battle against the epidemic.

Huayang Testing is taking action to prevent and control the epidemic.

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