To live up to the day of June, one heart to achieve far-remember the outdoor leisure activities of some employees of Huayang Testing

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The strength has always been in togetherness.  As a cohesive team, it is bound to be good at cooperation, learn to cooperate, plan reasonably and cooperate with each other in cooperation, Make progress and grow together.

The Spring Festival in 2020 is an unusual year, and people across the country are fighting the epidemic together. For Huayang Testing, it was also an extraordinary year. The company steadily carried out CBTL accreditation test, CNAS accredited test, judicial appraisal of photovoltaic products, power battery (partial) and other business testing services. Especially since March this year, with the advancement of the industry resumption of work and production, the Huayang Testing Laboratory has ushered in the peak period of testing, inspection and certification. In order to complete the testing tasks in a serious and timely manner, the testing engineers often work overtime. From o'clock to eleven o'clock in the evening, we are working hard on the front line of inspection, and complete inspection services with quality and quantity.

In order to thank everyone for their unremitting efforts in recent times, to ease the work pressure of employees, strengthen the cohesion of the company team, and enrich the cultural life of employees, the company organized laboratory testing engineers from June 12th to 13th (the power station inspection department due to work needs , Failed to participate) came to Maoshan Baosheng Garden to play together, even if the sun was scorching, it could not resist the enthusiasm and fighting power of the friends.

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Maoshan Baosheng Garden is located in the scenic Maoshan Scenic Area of Jintan, Changzhou. It is located between small bridges and flowing bamboo forests, backed by Maoshan Ermao Peak, and embraces the submarine reservoir of Xiangu Village in Jintan. Huaxia Baosheng Garden The master of Huaxia civilization, it combines garden art and culture with modern tourism and leisure culture, and takes you see Chang'an flowers in one day, and don't think about the world in three days. The park draws on the best of others and perfectly integrates garden art and culture with modern tourism and leisure culture. See how the friends are really having fun.

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The most important project of this team building-cooking in a pot, in order to let the members of the laboratory team stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, return to nature, and experience the fun of the wild. This time we were divided into three groups. Everyone gathered in front of the big pots of their respective groups. Some were responsible for preparing various ingredients, some were responsible for washing and cutting vegetables, some were responsible for adding firewood and cooking the pot, and several chefs were in charge of the leftovers. The people who drop off are the omnipotent little assistants, where help is needed. Everyone worked together, and soon three tables full of delicious dishes came out.

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During the two days of living together, everyone dropped their busy work, enjoyed a peaceful life, took a vacation for their hearts, and experienced a different look in life. Everyone is a rigorous and responsible colleague at work, and good friends who talk about everything in life. Happy times are always short, but these happy moments are like batteries, where we are full of energy and continue to move forward.

Gather the wisdom of everyone, use the rule of everyone, and achieve everyone's aspirations. This team building not only enriches everyone's leisure life, strengthens the communication and cooperation between team members, and makes Huayang the big family More harmony and warmth also let us realize how important the power of teamwork is for us to complete a task! Each person in the team plays a different role, there are decision-makers, counselors, and executives, but each role is an indispensable member of the team. Let us learn and appreciate that we need to take the company's overall goals and interests as the starting point in our future work and give full play to our talents and functions. Finally, I believe that every member of our team will transform today's happiness into work motivation. In the future, we will welcome the new day with a more united and full spirit and provide customers with better service!

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