[Major Good News] Huayang Testing won the IECEE CBTL qualification

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On February 21, 2020, Changzhou Huayang Inspection and Testing Technology Co., Ltd. received the CBTL (CB Testing Laboratory) certificate (No. TL735) issued by IECEE, proving that the company is fully equipped in terms of personnel, equipment, testing methods, environmental conditions, and management systems. Comply with the relevant requirements of IECEE, can carry out CB related test projects, and can provide major photovoltaic manufacturers and power station manufacturers with international testing and recognition to the world.


As an established third-party photovoltaic testing company, Huayang Testing formally submitted the IECEE CBTL application in November 2018. On October 28, 2019, accompanied by Boettcher Knut from NCB representative TÜV SÜD, two international reviewers from Japan and Spain conducted a careful inspection of the laboratory's management system operation and technical facilities and other capabilities. The review team checked The laboratory's "quality manual", "procedure files", "work instructions", "internal audit", "proficiency testing", "uncertainty assessment" and other documents Data, and conducted on-site witness tests of relevant standards. The CB review team spoke highly of the laboratory and agreed that the laboratory has reached the requirements of international laboratories in all aspects. Since submitting the application, Huayang Testing has received the careful guidance and cooperation of experts from the NCB unit TÜV SÜD, which has greatly improved the international professional standards of the laboratory, and sincere thanks again.


The testing scope of Huayang Testing this application is IEC61215 series and IEC61730 series, which are the most widely used testing standards in the photovoltaic industry.

There is no best, only better. In compliance with the relevant requirements of IECEE and its supervision, Huayang Testing will do its best to provide customers at home and abroad with higher quality testing services!

About IEC:

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) was established in 1906. It is the world's earliest established international electrotechnical standardization organization, responsible for international standardization in the fields of electrical engineering and electronic engineering. The purpose is to promote international cooperation on all issues (such as standard conformity assessment) related to electrical standardization in the electrical, electronic and related technical fields. The goal is: to effectively meet the needs of the global market; to ensure that its standards and conformity assessment plans are used globally and to the greatest extent; to assess and improve the quality of products and services involved in its standards; to create conditions for the joint use of complex systems; Improve the effectiveness of the industrialization process; improve human health and safety; protect the environment.

About IECEE:

IECEE is an international certification organization that works under the authorization of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Its full name is \"International Electrotechnical Commission Electrotechnical Product Qualification Testing and Certification Organization\". The ultimate goal of IECEE's implementation of international certification is: an electrical product, the same IEC standard, a test at any location, and the result of a conformity assessment, which are accepted globally. The Chinese meaning of the IECEE-CB system is \"the mutual recognition system for electrical product test certificates\". This system is based on mutual recognition (two-way acceptance) of test results between members participating in the CB system to obtain national certification or approval, so as to achieve the purpose of promoting international trade.

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