[Major Good News] Huayang Testing has obtained the qualification of \"Judicial Appraisal\" in the photovoltaic industry

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Introduction: Huayang Testing obtained the first "judicial appraisal" qualification recognition in the photovoltaic industry

In recent years, under the two-way promotion of national policies and market demand, the photovoltaic industry has been in a period of rapid development. Government departments, enterprises, and individuals have invested in the construction of a large number of photovoltaic poverty alleviation power stations, distributed photovoltaic power stations, and household photovoltaic power stations. In the process of construction and operation and maintenance of photovoltaic power station projects, various hidden dangers caused by poor quality of photovoltaic products have caused many quality and safety issues, and related legal disputes are increasing. Both parties hope to legally protect their rights and interests through judicial channels. However, as of the deadline, no third-party inspection and testing agency has the qualifications of a judicial authentication agency related to the photovoltaic industry, whether it is in Jiangsu Province or the whole country.

In 2017, Huayang Testing decided to establish trace trace identification, The judicial appraisal center for electrical equipment and device appraisal (photovoltaic cells, crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules, thin film photovoltaic modules).

All staff go all out to make relevant preparations, relying on the brand and influence formed by years of hard work in the industry, supported by strong technical capabilities, and a sound quality management system; after two years of hard work, successively Completed office space construction, judicial appraisal personnel training, laboratory environment construction, "Quality Manual", "Procedural Documents", management system documents, relevant testing ability verification requirements, etc.

On December 6, 2019, an expert team from the Department of Justice of Jiangsu Province came to our company for an on-site review. The review team passed a full review of our company’soverall situation, application materials, technical conditions such as laboratories and equipment, and the technical capabilities of the appraiser. The final review team unanimously passed

Our company's "Judicial Authentication Center" qualification application successfully passed the on-site review.

On December 26, 2019, Huayang Testing obtained the "Judicial Authentication License" certificate issued by the Department of Justice of Jiangsu Province, becoming the first professional judicial authentication center in the photovoltaic industry with this qualification. Huayang Testing has officially been approved as a judicial appraisal agency in Jiangsu Province, marking that our judicial has entered the high-qualified and high-level appraisal agency industry. It is an important milestone for the company's development to a new level and will effectively promote the sustainable and healthy development of Huayang Testing.


The acquisition of judicial authentication qualifications is a manifestation of our judicial authentication work and laboratory management meeting the requirements of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Justice. It is of far-reaching significance to Huayang Testing, which broadens the scope of business, improves visibility, and enhances market competitiveness. At the same time, companies are also required to assume greater social responsibilities.

In the future, in the work related to judicial appraisal, Huayang Testing will give full play to the appraisal role, adhere to the "professional, authoritative, fair and efficient" purpose, with innovative technical team, standardized management, and perfect quality management system , Effectively guarantee the smooth progress of judicial activities; at the same time, contribute to resolving social disputes, promoting fair and just handling, improving the public legal service system of our province, and regulating the development of the photovoltaic industry.

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