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After steady development in recent years, Huayang Testing Center has become a relatively powerful professional third-party photovoltaic product and photovoltaic power plant testing organization in China. Especially in the following aspects:

1. Obtained the qualification of CNAS inspection agency. Since then, Huayang Inspection is one of the few inspection and testing centers in the photovoltaic industry that has both the inspection agency and the inspection agency.

2. The ISO/IEC17025-2017 system was transferred, and the ISO/IEC17025-2017 transfer certificate was obtained. 639 CNAS projects.

3. CMA items are expanded to 527 items.

4. After formal review by IECEE experts, successfully obtained CBTL qualification.

5. Obtained judicial authentication qualification in December 2019, becoming the only institution in the photovoltaic industry with this qualification. The qualification of the product quality appraisal agency is under application.

6. A number of special test items have passed the CNAS expansion review, such as sand dust test, salt spray level 8, Panfile and IAM, large-size hail impact test, double 95 environmental test, UV+TC, UV+DH, large-size component dynamics Mechanical load test, uneven snow load test, 100kV breakdown voltage test, ammonia corrosion test for large-size components, etc.

7. The scope of product testing has gradually expanded to new areas such as power batteries and graphene materials.

8. It is a strategic cooperation laboratory of many certification agencies at home and abroad, such as TUV, SGS, etc.

So far, Huayang Inspection has completed nearly 4,000 large and small power stations in terms of power station inspection, acceptance and evaluation, and its scale and performance have been ranked first in the industry. The laboratory has also been continuously improved, and its testing capabilities, scale, and technical team have been in a leading position in the industry.

In order to adapt to the rapid development of the industry, and to satisfy customers, especially foreign customers, to more conveniently and quickly inquire about the business and technical information of Huayang Testing, Huayang Testing has upgraded its official website after more than two months of work. The Chinese version of the website has been officially launched recently, and the English version will also be launched in one month. The upgraded Huayang Testing official website has the characteristics of simple and generous layout, diverse and comprehensive content, and convenient access and query. In view of the fact that Huayang Testing already has a high reputation and good praise in the industry, and has too much previous performance, the new website has deleted the \"performance display\" column in the layout structure.

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Because the website has just been launched, if there are any errors or improprieties, please criticize and correct them from old and new customers. We will accept with humility and correct them seriously.

To understand Huayang Testing, you can also follow the WeChat public account: Huayang Testing.

In short, Huayang Testing will continue and wholeheartedly provide customers and friends from all walks of life with professional and high-quality technical services. Huayang Testing will definitely make you more satisfied and comfortable!

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