Brief Introduction of Photovoltaic Product Quality Judicial Laboratory

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In recent years, under the two-way promotion of national policies and market demand, the photovoltaic industry has been in a period of rapid development. Government departments, enterprises, and individuals have invested in the construction of a large number of photovoltaic poverty alleviation power plants, distributed photovoltaic power plants, and household photovoltaic power plants. In the process of construction and operation and maintenance of photovoltaic power plant projects, various hidden dangers caused by poor quality of photovoltaic products have caused many quality and safety issues, and related legal disputes are increasing. Both parties hope to legally protect their rights and interests through judicial channels.

The Photovoltaic Product Judicial Appraisal Institute can provide legally effective judicial appraisal reports for judicial organs, arbitration institutions, parties, etc., and provide direct and effective evidence for photovoltaic product quality accidents and disputes.

Changzhou Huayang Inspection and Testing Technology Co., Ltd.'s judicial appraisal institute was approved by the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Justice. It is the only third-party service platform established in the domestic photovoltaic industry that has judicial appraisal qualifications. It is also a judicial appraisal institution independent of the public security system. Has legal effect. Approved appraisal services include: electrical equipment and device appraisal (photovoltaic cells: crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules, thin-film photovoltaic modules).

The judicial appraisal institute has modern appraisal instruments and equipment, complete laboratories and photovoltaic power plant testing and appraisal conditions and capabilities, strong technical resources guarantee, and a standardized management system, with photovoltaic module electrical performance laboratory and environmental reliability Laboratory, hot spot durability laboratory, accelerated ultraviolet laboratory, mechanical mechanics laboratory and other comprehensive laboratories. The judicial appraisal office covers an area of 6000 square meters, equipped with more than 300 sets of well-known domestic and foreign brand testing equipment, with a total investment of nearly 50 million yuan.

The firm has a team of industry authoritative experts and highly qualified professional and technical personnel. There are currently 6 practicing appraisers and 4 are applying for them, all with intermediate and senior titles. At the same time, we hired experienced experts to form an advisory committee to directly participate in the appraisal work, and established strategic partnerships with relevant professional research institutes and teams, which can solve difficult problems in a timely manner, provide quality assurance for various judicial appraisals, and ensure appraisal work Scientific and authoritative.

The backing unit of the laboratory--Changzhou Huayang Inspection and Testing Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2007. It is a third-party nationally recognized authority specializing in the inspection, inspection, analysis, evaluation, supervision, and due diligence of photovoltaic products and photovoltaic power plants. testing facility. It is a CBTL qualification laboratory, a CNAS (L4315) accredited testing laboratory (CNAS accredited item 620), CNAS (CNAS IB0720) accredited inspection agency, China Metrology Certification CMA (171017250209) (CMA accreditation item 239) Item), is the cooperative laboratory of TUV, DEKRA, SGS, CSA, Intertek in the photovoltaic field, and the editor-in-chief of NB/T 32047-2018 \"Quality Evaluation Standard for Civil Engineering Construction Unit of Photovoltaic Power Plant\".

Under the management, guidance and supervision of the provincial and municipal judicial administrative organs, the laboratory adheres to the practice policy of \"lawful and fair, scientific and truth-seeking\", relying on the platform of Changzhou Huayang Inspection and Testing Technology Co., Ltd., and its business is oriented to the whole country. To provide scientific basis and judicial authentication services for the arbitration and litigation needs of judicial organs, arbitration institutions, administrative law enforcement agencies, enterprises and institutions, and social organizations.


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